Thursday, August 2, 2007

Downtown Chicago

Today I drove to downtown Chicago to take my friend to see her divorce attorney. Parking is such a joke and if you can't find a meter there are parking garages that cost $26! So for a trip downtown for 5 minutes to drop papers off--it was much easier for me to take her and then circle the block a few times while she ran up what she needed to.

I don't mind driving downtown--a lot of people have a problem with it--but it's really fun to be in the city where there is so much atmosphere and so many landmarks. I really only made it around the block twice before she was ready to be picked up, but I got to see the old Chicago Theater, Millennium Park, the skyline and on the way home we even passed the United Center. Nothing huge, I know, but when you live in the suburbs you forget just how cool the big city can be!