Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter V

Well, we finally did it! We took the kids to see the new Harry Potter movie. I think it's just funny, in our family we've started calling HPV for Harry Potter 5, but all I ever think about when we say it is the disease, Human Papillomavirus. Terrible, I know--but it's where the mind goes!! What can you do?

I thought it was an OK movie--not too stressful on the kids, but missing out on so much information-I hardly wondered if the writer of the screenplay was reading the same book as I was. Yes, they 'kind of' showed the anger and resentment that Harry was feeling-but he only used the fact that Dumbledore was talking to him as the reason. There was so much more--Ron and Hermione making Prefect was a huge part of this. That is how he came to meet Luna-R & H had to sit in the prefect car on the train--which left Harry on his own--but nope--no mention, as far as teh movie was concerned--there were no Prefects.

What was missed even more--Quidditch! I think we have seen the last of late in movie number 3. In number 4 it was by-passed for the Tri-Wizards Tournament and it is back in number 5 although Harry is banned by Umbridge--but not in the movie--it's nowhere! Number 6 and Number 7 books also have ZERO Quidditch--so sadly--number three was the last time we'll ever get to see it!