Sunday, September 23, 2007


My husband is a work a holic and I have to say--I hate it. I really do--we need him home--ok, I need him home to help out with four kids. But really--when you look at the number of hours he puts in compared to the salary he makes, he literally makes $8 an hour! And he's the top manager!! Now, part of it is his inability to delegate, but also--until they have a system in place where there is pay for performance, other team members will simply skate by and let everyone else do their job for them. They make the same amount of money whether they earn it or not--so who cares if they work their tails off.

Now something like performance based pay would be perfect. Not only would we be raking it in, but then everyone could see just who it was doing all of the work. That might just lead to a juicy little raise!!

Ahhhh, The Quiet

Tomorrow is Sunday. I'm supposed to be going to church--but really, am not feeling up to it in the slightest! Mind you, I should have been in bed hours ago to make it at such an early hour--but my kids just barely fell asleep-and I'm relishing in the quiet. If I go to bed now--when I wake up it will be noisy again!

This is the last weekend it's supposed to be warm--so we will be heading to my sisters in laws house so the kids can have one finally afternoon in the swimming pool. Then it will be closed up for the winter. It's kind of sad-it doesn't seem at all like it's been open all that long! But it's definitely getting cooler here-which is a welcome relief to me!

Vacations For Christmas

Speaking of seeing this great world around's getting close to Christmas time, and I need to start planning and saving for our summer vacation next year! I know, it seems too early for that, but you have to realize--their plane tickets and destination passes are all part of their Christmas presents! We've taken a ton of Orlando vacations over the past couple of years that I'm trying to decide whether we stick with 'Old Faithful' or try something new!! If you have any fun vacation ideas that can bring education into the experience-I would love to hear about it!

My New Baby

I have a new domain! Well, not really new--it's getting rather "aged" if you know what I mean!! I spent the day yesterday getting the theme just how I want it--and I have to say--I love it! My daughter's nickname is Katerbug Blue and that is the name of the domain. and I have to say--it is pink and girly--and all things that she is! I don't really want it to revolve strictly around us here at home--as that's what this blog has always been. I would like to keep it centered upon more of our 'adventures'. Things that we see and discover away from home as a family.

I had the whole thing up to date through this weekend, but then my pictures went haywire, so I've pulled all of the recent ones back into draft status until I can figure out what is going on with them! But the early summer adventure's are up and running!

I would like to spend more time seeing this great world around us--and living in Chicago--that makes the exploration that much more fun (and costly!!)! I can't wait to keep it going!