Sunday, September 23, 2007

My New Baby

I have a new domain! Well, not really new--it's getting rather "aged" if you know what I mean!! I spent the day yesterday getting the theme just how I want it--and I have to say--I love it! My daughter's nickname is Katerbug Blue and that is the name of the domain. and I have to say--it is pink and girly--and all things that she is! I don't really want it to revolve strictly around us here at home--as that's what this blog has always been. I would like to keep it centered upon more of our 'adventures'. Things that we see and discover away from home as a family.

I had the whole thing up to date through this weekend, but then my pictures went haywire, so I've pulled all of the recent ones back into draft status until I can figure out what is going on with them! But the early summer adventure's are up and running!

I would like to spend more time seeing this great world around us--and living in Chicago--that makes the exploration that much more fun (and costly!!)! I can't wait to keep it going!