Monday, April 6, 2009

He Was Right

We have been planning for the past month or so where we were going to put the new TV. We new we both wanted an LCD mount on the wall in the family room. I was looking forward to being able to vacuum the entire floor without having to move any furniture. My husband was set on mounting the TV on the wall above the fireplace, but I wasn't so sure. I will admit, since the TV was his gift, I let him win that battle. And ya know what...he was right! I LOVE where the TV is at, and I still love not having to move any furniture when it's time to vacuum! It's HEAVEN, and I'm not sure why we waited so darn long!

The Boys First Job

We are house sitting this next week. Our neighbors are heading to the Outer Banks and we get the duty of taking care of their plants and their beautiful little Yorkie puppy. His name is Louie, which honestly, is just too big of a name for such a little dog.

My boys were actually asked to take care of it, but I'm just going to go with them to make sure they stay out of trouble. Not that they would rob the house or anything, but I want to be able to teach them how to respect other people's property, even when they aren't around to keep an eye on them.

They'll make a couple of bucks, and I think they are really looking forward to that part of the deal the most!

Grown Up Movie Night

I love period movies. I made my husband watch Emma with me last night. Yeah, it's a chick flick, but hey...there are corsets! What man doesn't like beautiful women in corsets? Well, corsets or not...he didn't enjoy the movie at all, and ended up switching it out for Slumdog Millionaire. But you know, it was a really funny movie. We had a great time...and I got popcorn. So it was a win win night for both of us!

Sick Week

I have been so sick the past week. Have you missed me? It was a week ago Friday. I was tossing and turning all night long. I knew I was miserable, but I was unpleasantly surprised when I woke up and I was sick. I could feel it coming on, and it was a humdinger. Even now I'm still in the midst of the lung portion of it.

My husband called on Saturday afternoon and let me know that I needed to go to the hospital because people he worked with had just gone through this and needed some really strong anti-biotics. Now let me just say.......I DO NOT take ant-biotics EVER!! Between the yeast infections and vaginal dryness...I think I'd rather get pneumonia! Sorry if that was a little too much on the info side...but truly, there isn't much worse!

It was a hard week for the kids. Two of my boys ended up sick and my daughter missed a few assignments in school on Friday, because I wasn't around to get her backpack together for her. So she has a little note going to school with her tomorrow apologizing to her teacher!

Cute Clothes

Do you watch the Real Housewive's of NYC? It has always been my favorite installment of all of the housewive's. This season is not one of my most favorite, although there are moments that have really liked. There were many shots of the Hamptons with different "horse" events. I have to say, equestrian apparel is my favorite look of all time! Especially on younger girls. One of the housewives is shown in her outfit, but you know, she didn't look nearly as cute as the teenager did.

I do NOT have the build to get away with this kind of outfit. My thighs are more stout than would look good in a cute pair of jodhpurs!

My First Shakley Party

Last Saturday I went to a party with a couple of people in my neighborhood. It was one of those parties where you go to someone's house and buy items from some party person. You know, it was a lot of fun. I did end up purchasing some fun items and hey, even joined "the club".

The party hostess was really nice and actually got her husband to watch my three little munchkins. My husband had taken Jake to his first Scout camp out and wouldn't be home before had to leave, so I got to take them with me.

One thing that I loved, every time the door opened there was a little beep from a wireless alarm and then a female computer voice goes "The front door has opened. The front door has opened." I WANT THAT! I found it odd because the people who owned the house don't even have kids, so why do we need to know when the door opens? Made me laugh!