Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Straw Poll!!

I just took a Conservative Straw Poll. I was happy to see my first choice doing really well--not first--but not fifth either!! I thought it would be fun to post it, just because it's specifically directed toward bloggers--and since all of you blog--or read them--it's perfect for you!!

Leave me a comment and let me know who got your vote!! I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!!


I have a new domain all my own! I know--these days, who doesn't? But I have to tell you-I never thought I would. My sister has had one for nearly 9 months and has loved it. I'm a little more reserved on the technical aspect of the world, but we did it. Rather she did it-but it's up and I can start posting on it! I chose my nickname, KaterBugBlue.com, and now I'm just working with my sister to get the theme of my dreams up and running! So check back soon--and see what you think!

First Day Of School

You can't tell--but at this moment I'm doing a little "Happy Dance"! I know--I shouldn't be so happy--but it's the kids first day of school--and I have to tell you----------------It's AWESOME!!
Yes I do understand that the first day of school can drive some mothers to tears. Thoughts of the past summer spent with their children in some idyllic setting day after day, only to lose their cherubs to the harsh ordinariness of school. They are better moms than me! No really, I'm happy to admit it. I adore my children! I love spending time with my children! The problem is--they have no desire to 'hang out with mom' so I just generally end up cleaning up the messes that my kids make in their funnel cloud from the kitchen to the back door! If I have to bleach my counter top one more time to get the cherry popsicle drips off--I think I'll scream!

So yes, it was sad---even more expensive--but they are at school until 2:40--and my kitchen is CLEAN!!