Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Almost Lost Them

I have to say, I have often been guilty of taking my computer memory for granted! I have been trying to find a way to get my computer to work faster. So I dumped all of my photo's onto a memory stick. Mind you, it was working great, but I never felt too comfortable deleting the files completely off of my hard drive. Yeah, I know, it defeats the whole purpose...but it was a good thing. Today I needed one of the photo's, so I stuck the memory stick into the port, and you know didn't work! Phew! So I hurried to my recycle bin and restored all of my photo files back to their original space! You never can be too sure about the safety of your photos!!


Tomorrow I will be spending the day helping a neighbor friend pack up her house following a divorce. The whole situation is sad, especially with her having kids. So the least I can do is head over and help her pack some boxes. She is luckily having movers come in on Tuesday to pack up all of her furnishings and things until her apartment is ready to move into the end of May. I was happy to hear there were movers coming because she's got some really heavy things. She got the huge TV in the divorce as well as her refrigerator, platform beds, and all of her dining room furniture. I really wouldn't be able to help much with the heavy stuff, so we'll leave that to them! I'm a little worried about my own house. It's in dire need of de-cluttering, and I'll be spending yet another day out of the house. Not a good thing!!