Saturday, July 18, 2009

Old Movies

We were watching an old movie last night with the kids. It was one where the family heads out to a fabulous beach rental for the summer. Their days are filled with family fun, their nights with cookouts and toasted marshmallows next to the surf. Everything was perfect, there were no kids fighting, no bugs...just pure family fun. I would love to find something like that for my family. Somewhere like the Outer Banks offers properties in North Carolina, which sounds like a charming place to visit. It's always more work for the mom though. Laundry and packing for everyone. Cooking and cleaning, and you know my kids will kill each other and there will be a ton of bugs!! Ok, maybe not the bugs, I'm not sure I'm up for too much family time with MY family! Isn't that so sad! They are good kids, and I'm sure they would have a great time--as long as they stay 3 feet away from each other!!

New York City

I have a ton of pictures to put up from our trip to New York. It was such a fun family time, and a little hectic with four little kids and a husband working nearly the entire time we were there, but it was a lot of fun. We did a ton of walking, a ton of eating and a ton of swimming! Really, is there anything more important than swimming when on vacation?

We got to see a lot of the sights and it was really amazing for the older kids. I hope they are able to retain some of the memories from this trip because it probably won't be happening again anytime soon!

Pictures to come!!