Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Gifts

We are entering into the fall season. With it comes 3 out of my 4 kids birthdays. Brett's is up first-he will be turning 3 and that is always a really fun age to shop for! This year, I am moving away from the "character" toys and of course, any toy made in China-I'm thinking a nice gift that gives him some "Daddy" time would be the most fun. Like RC helicopters!! I can just see both of their faces light up when Brett opens that one up! Luckily they are a lot easier to fly than the RC airplanes-and need far less room. With winter moving in on us-this will turn into a fun "Basement" experience!


Is there a household appliance that you want? I've never really thought about it-but we had dinner over at Rob's house and she has this on the counter veggie steamer. I LOVED it! I have a tupperware one that goes in the microwave, but hers is awesome. It will steam anything and it has a cute little timer for all of the different things--I'm green! I don't think it cost more than $40 at the local Meier--so I think I need to head over there and pick me up one as well. I hate not having all of the cool cooking gadgets that she has!

I Need A Break

After all of the stress of helping my sister move, babysitting all 8 kids (alone) and now having been sick for a month--I'm ready to start looking for a vacation home rental. Just for me!! I know, you say the word vacation and the word "family" invariably finds it's spot in front of that word--but not this time! I'm ready to just take a break, sit on my rental porch feet up, book positioned in front of me drinking in some ME time! I don't do well with heat--so I don't even mind if I head to an "Autumnal" spot stateside--I just want to do it alone!! Well, I could take the man-but the kids have got to stay at home.

2 Year Old Boys

We were able to have my sisters kids over for the evening the other night so that they could go to a wedding. My kids love having their closest cousins over but the volume level can get really high!

She brought the PS2 over so that the older boys would stay occupied and out of my hair, which was nice because it seemed to occupy my two oldest boys as well. The girls stayed up stairs and played dress up and I was left to CHASE two 2 year old boys. Mind you, they are quick, but the worst part was the fact that they would race each other to a toy and the one that got their first would grab the toy, turn around to face the loser of the foot race clutching the prize to his chest and then yell out his victorious threats! Then a tug of war would ensue with tears coming at the end. I would then throw out an idea for a different toy for the loser of the foot race. He would cheer up, jump up to start his run--and the foot race was on. This cycle continued for HOURS with each boy winning some and losing some. I do think I was more exhausted by the time they finally fell asleep than they were!

The 411

I have to admit it! I'm a C.W. fan. All of my favorite shows are on The CW, and my very favorite show ever, Gilmore Girls, just finished it's run on the CW. But this season, taking the Lorelai's place would be Gossip Girl on The CW! I've watched a ton of "teen" shows set in California, but this one is set in trendy New York. It premieres tonight and even though I plan to be watching every sumptuous moment of it, I do believe it will be Tivo'd as well. Got to keep up with my girl talk!

I love gossip! I love to hear it! Read it! Spread it! You name it, if it's catty and gossipy, I'm all over it! And now to have a show with people just like me (only younger, hipper, and far more beautiful) I can't wait! And even better, Kristen Bell is the "character" Gossip Girl, and spills all on her blog. Maybe that's what I'm so excited about. Someone else's life paralleling my own. How many shows out there involve blogging?? Yep, I'm a fan already!

I think we are going to get the old Gilmore gang together and start up the "Gossip Girl Viewing Party" every week-that really was so much fun. All of us girls getting together to watch and spill all of the juicy info from around town. I can't wait!

September 19th at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central--on The CW...Don't miss it!


I just found out that Mr. O.J. Simpson is back in hot water. Funny, Pariah's are never far from the hot water. How dumb must you be to go into a hotel room with a yourself? Hello, isn't that what you are paying your entourage to do? If I was paying four guys to protect me, they would be the ones up in the room with the gun. They are far less recognizable later on than my "double-murder"-mug shot blaring face. But I guess he must have that immortal feeling after getting off scot-free on his double murder charge. Only 10 Felonies have been charged currently, but I hope they nail him to the wall!

I'm Sick

I have now been sick for 1 month. It's official. I know my sister gets sick a lot and for long periods of time, but this is my first endeavor and I'm not all too thrilled with it. I don't know how she does it with her four kids, house, job and husband. I can't even get out of bed, and am very close to making my husband stay home for the day. That way he can take care of the kids and I can sleep, sleep, sleep.

I do have a doctors appointment tomorrow. He will probably put me on heavier doses of antibiotics, so this really should be clearing up soon, but with the weather starting to turn cold, it may take just a bit more time.