Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2 Year Old Boys

We were able to have my sisters kids over for the evening the other night so that they could go to a wedding. My kids love having their closest cousins over but the volume level can get really high!

She brought the PS2 over so that the older boys would stay occupied and out of my hair, which was nice because it seemed to occupy my two oldest boys as well. The girls stayed up stairs and played dress up and I was left to CHASE two 2 year old boys. Mind you, they are quick, but the worst part was the fact that they would race each other to a toy and the one that got their first would grab the toy, turn around to face the loser of the foot race clutching the prize to his chest and then yell out his victorious threats! Then a tug of war would ensue with tears coming at the end. I would then throw out an idea for a different toy for the loser of the foot race. He would cheer up, jump up to start his run--and the foot race was on. This cycle continued for HOURS with each boy winning some and losing some. I do think I was more exhausted by the time they finally fell asleep than they were!