Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Gifts

We are entering into the fall season. With it comes 3 out of my 4 kids birthdays. Brett's is up first-he will be turning 3 and that is always a really fun age to shop for! This year, I am moving away from the "character" toys and of course, any toy made in China-I'm thinking a nice gift that gives him some "Daddy" time would be the most fun. Like RC helicopters!! I can just see both of their faces light up when Brett opens that one up! Luckily they are a lot easier to fly than the RC airplanes-and need far less room. With winter moving in on us-this will turn into a fun "Basement" experience!


Barry said...

Good luck with the birthday shopping. Just be glad your children are still at the age where they aren't difficult to buy for. I have a 17 year old boy that can't make up his mind.