Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The 411

I have to admit it! I'm a C.W. fan. All of my favorite shows are on The CW, and my very favorite show ever, Gilmore Girls, just finished it's run on the CW. But this season, taking the Lorelai's place would be Gossip Girl on The CW! I've watched a ton of "teen" shows set in California, but this one is set in trendy New York. It premieres tonight and even though I plan to be watching every sumptuous moment of it, I do believe it will be Tivo'd as well. Got to keep up with my girl talk!

I love gossip! I love to hear it! Read it! Spread it! You name it, if it's catty and gossipy, I'm all over it! And now to have a show with people just like me (only younger, hipper, and far more beautiful) I can't wait! And even better, Kristen Bell is the "character" Gossip Girl, and spills all on her blog. Maybe that's what I'm so excited about. Someone else's life paralleling my own. How many shows out there involve blogging?? Yep, I'm a fan already!

I think we are going to get the old Gilmore gang together and start up the "Gossip Girl Viewing Party" every week-that really was so much fun. All of us girls getting together to watch and spill all of the juicy info from around town. I can't wait!

September 19th at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central--on The CW...Don't miss it!


Costa Rica Real Estate Jack said...

I think that show will makes everyone wild and crazy! They say this is much better than the other shows. It might be true or not, it's just a gossip.