Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Help Please

Ok, so I mentioned in the previous post that I'm starting to walk on my treadmill tomorrow. On top of that I would like to find any good weight loss products to help in my quest for slim/sexy! Ok, so at least the slim--not much a 38 year old mom of 4 can do in the sexy department, eh!

I'm not looking for much. Just something to help curb the appetite, or burn fat faster or whatever--just something to kick it up a notch. I do have a high school reunion this summer (I'm not attending) but I will be lunching with several friends from my "non-mom" days, and I'd just kind of like to feel a little better about my looks!

Any ideas?

Time To Pump It Up

I spent the early part of this week getting the house spiffied up. Well, I guess not technically the house, but the master bedroom and all spaces leading into it. We have kept all of our fitness equipment in the basement since we moved in--and down there it is simply gathering dust. So I hired a young man that works with my husband to come and help me move at least the treadmill to my room. This way, I can work out and watch something on the DVR at the same time.

Tomorrow is June 1st--and I plan on starting the new summer regime--I can't wait!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

May Weather

We have had a lot of strange weather around here lately. A few weeks ago the boys all went to the Father and Sons camp out. They ended up coming home at 2:30 in the morning due to the wind. It had been rainy and windy all night, and I was quite disappointed to wake up the next morning to see the number the weather had pulled on my patio furniture.

Now, I should say, I've been wanting new furniture for awhile, but the budget doesn't allow it just yet. But now, as soon as it does, I'll be heading out to find something fun!

Starbury Shoes

We are heading to the mall after school today! My oldest, Jake, is desperately in need of new tennis shoes. My sister has purchased herself some Starbury shoes, and have sold him completely on them. The best part of Starbury shoes---they are great "sports" shoes for $14.95. I'm amazed. They match up to the $150.00 basketball shoes when you cut them both down the middle, but at 1/10th of the price. They have some really "cool" styles as well. For a fourth grader--that is really important. He only has a couple of weeks left of school--but he still needs to feel cool at school!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Break

10 more days of school! I'm amazed. I have Kate signed up for summer camp, but I haven't done anything with either of the older boys. They do have baseball, but not much going on to occupy their summer. They do love to play outside and ride their bikes, so if I do do a summer camp program, I may only do it 2 days a week. Of course, we tried that two years ago, and by the end of it--they had wanted to go every day, and so we signed them up for that. I'm trying to decided if I should just bite the bullet and put them in everyday--or just the two.

With cousins pretty close, I do want to have time for them to get to play together. My sister might be moving this summer, so it will be nice to have the kids taken care of so I can help her. I guess that is my job for the day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moving On

Summer is coming! You know, swimsuit weather! Honestly, drop me a quick fat loss pill because it won't be pretty! My husband's parents have a pool in their backyard which really makes it nice for me. This way my kids get plenty of time swimming, but I don't have to don a swimsuit out in public. How nice is that!

Sadly, my in laws are losing their house sometime soon, and moving into the house we just moved out of. Truly they are lucky to have a home (free and clear) to be moving into. But it is a huge step down from the house they've been living in. My mother in law is having a hard time, but when we left we had everything repainted, new carpeting and hard wood floors put in for the kitchen and back porch. It really is a much nicer house for them than it was for us. Plus, there's only two of them moving into the two bedroom house. There were six of us and 2 dogs trapped in there!

Either way, it is a step down for them and they just aren't happy about it at all. And sadly, I really don't blame them!

Fashion Plate

She's Back! My sister has been gone all weekend, up in Wisconsin with her husbands family. It makes for a very quiet weekend at home when her family isn't around. Kind of pathetic how dependent you can become on someone else and their kids in order to have a social life!

We didn't do much this weekend--just some cleaning and some shopping. Have you ever taken a 10 year old boy shopping? Last year I could dress him in whatever I purchased-he didn't care. Not this year! It has to be perfect--right down to his shoes. I fully expected this from my DIVA daughter--but not my fashionably inept son! Well, he's turned into a "Fashion Plate" and unless I find wholesale clothes, he's going to break the bank! Watch out all you 5th grade girls!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brookfield Zoo

We are heading to the Brookfield Zoo today. It's a beautiful zoo with many attractions, but for me, the Hammill Family Center is my biggest attraction! Why? Because it's got 14 rooms where the kids can do crafts, dress up like animals, pretend to be zoo workers, get their faces painted and pet little zoo creatures--but best of all...It's air conditioned! I generally go in, find a seat and let the kids run to their hearts content.

This year there is a baby polar bear, so we will definitely have to stop and check him out. The day after our last zoo trip one of the elephants died, and so they have taken all of the elephants out of the Chicago area zoos which is really sad because they are my favorite zoo animal!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Clubbin' Cubbies!!

It's raining today! Not too bad--not too much planned! I was going to wash the van and get it detailed--but I think we'll wait a few days! On that one! Now I just have to find something fun to keep the kids occupied since they can't play outside. Maybe I'll see if there is a Cubs game on!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Being A Mom

With so many diet remedies out there from Fenphedra to the's hard to figure out where to look for just the right aid. I'm not too bad, but honestly, I would really like to tone up. I don't plan on running a marathon or anything. But some muscle tone would be welcomed.

I really just want to get healthy enough to play outside with my kids this summer. I always planned on doing that when I was younger. They just don't ever really tell you just how much time and energy kids take out of ya. This summer, I'm hoping to make up for lost time!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Sad Soap Opera

I don't think I've mentioned it here yet. My niece is pregnant. She's 18, unmarried, high school drop out-and funnily enough-not even speaking to baby daddy anymore. How sad is that? Her sister had her baby the end of February--same situation only a little older. I am just disgusted by their parents and their lack of parenting. These girls have been on the wrong road for a couple of years, but have been poisoned against this family by their mother. My husband is the 18 year old's Godfather, and I honestly think it's affecting him more than it did when it was her sister. We all expected it from the older sister, in fact, the shock was that she got pregnant at 18 instead of 14 as we all had predicted. But this is a complete shock from the younger sister. We always thought she had a good head on her shoulders. Well, until she dropped out of high school her junior year. But hey, what could we do--they didn't want to listen to anyone!