Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sad News

I just got off the phone with my mother, it appears that my uncle has had an accident. He was snow blowing his driveway this morning when the wet snow bogged down the blades. You know what's coming next, but you know--he thought he was being smart. He turned off the snowblower before attempting to clear the snow. The problem was the blades had been working so hard to do their job, that they actually had wound quite tight before he turned off the machine. He reached in to clear the snow and by freeing up the blades it allowed them to unwind--and no safety equipment around could have protected him from what came next.

He is currently in surgery. He's lost 2 fingers on his right hand, and although they are hoping to be able to reconnect them some how, they really aren't sure if they'll be able to, and if they can--just how much motion he'll recover is really unknown.

It's such a sad way to start the year, but if any of you out there have room for some extras...My Uncle Dave could really use some prayers!