Sunday, January 24, 2010

Job Search?

Tomorrow I will be applying with a temp agency. I'm a little nervous about it, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Is it the fact that I've been out of the loop for 13 years? Is there guilt in the fact that I'm leaving my 5 year old home with his dad while I work? I had made a goal to be a stay at home mom until my kids were in school--and my little one won't start Kindergarten until next school year. I'm not looking for some huge full time job--but something to help stretch the paycheck would be awesome! I've done a sales job search in my area, and haven't found anything that fits my schedule. I need mornings--in fact, I need to be home before my husband's restaurant kicks into gear, so he can make it in for the lunch crowd. I will keep looking, and temping if possible--but I'm thinking my heart will be more into it come next August when my baby gets on that school bus!

Energy Wanted

I am not a big breakfast eater. I never have been. I remember in high school I would come upstairs to head out to the bus, and my mom always had a little plate of scrambled eggs waiting for me. Those poor things were wasted! In college I would try a weight loss drink or a protein shake in the morning. But I found that I would get a bit queasy after them. Not so much the drink--more of the fact that my stomach was happier still being asleep.

It's the same today. I know I should eat breakfast--but I just really don't want to. If I were to just wait and let my body kick in and get hungry--breakfast would start around 2 in the afternoon. So this week my goal is to find something, anything to get into my body when I wake up. You know, try to kick that metabolism into gear. I don't care if I lose weight---I would just love to find something to boost the energy level!

The Job Search

I have spent the past couple of weeks looking for a job. You know---it has to be the best fat burning supplement ever! I have been running non-stop and it's quite exhausting! That's saying something coming from a mom with 4 kids at home. I'm never this tired! I've been looking for mostly data entry or accounts payable jobs, but then I found one that goes into hospitals and performs the hearing tests for the newborns. Now THAT is the one I want!!

Holiday Madness

Have you noticed that right after the holidays end, there is a barrage of diet supplement commercials. First it was xenadrine rfa x and then P90X---I'm starting to feel targeted. Yes, I know I could probably benefit from every one of these products---I'm just too poor following the holidays to afford the help!

I'm hoping that Valentine's Day will be a little less forgiving---although I'm sure there will be a whole new set of commercials starting then. Of course, by then, I could afford all of them! :)

P90X Dreams

As I was putting the house to bed last night, I wandered into the family room to turn off the TV and the lights. The P90X commercial was on, and I will admit--it's always a huge temptation whenever I see it. 90 days....who can't do anything for 90 days? I can't even stay on the best diet supplement ever for 90 days! But the results always amaze me. Thin, trim and healthy people smiling at me in the "after" photo. So last night I broke down. I have a friend who Facebooked about starting her 90 days. She is a huge sporty gal---biking, skiing, snowshoeing...she does it all. I figured out of anyone--she would be the one that survived the 90 days and will be beaming at me from one of the photos. I was wrong! She made it 1 week! Actually--she made it 5 days! She said that everything was fine, she just couldn't handle the fact that she was always hungry.

Yeah---that would be the one thing to knock me off the wagon too!

Bluefly Accessory Wall

Do you watch Project Runway? I have to admit, that it's kind of an addiction in this house. Well, it's DVR'd and watched in the free moments later--but I LOVE it! Tim Gunn is just the cutest little guy. When the models come in for the last time before the runway portion begins, Tim always tells the designers to use the " Accessory Wall" thoughtfully. Not being a designer, I tend to forget the need to add shoes and jewelry to the look--but what presentation wouldn't be amazing by simply adding a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin shoes to the mix??

I will tell you that this year, I'm NOT voting for the hometown girl! Usually, in other reality shows, if there is a person from Chicago--I'm rooting for them. This season the Chicago girl is Ping....and ya know....I'm just not feelin' it!