Sunday, January 24, 2010

Job Search?

Tomorrow I will be applying with a temp agency. I'm a little nervous about it, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Is it the fact that I've been out of the loop for 13 years? Is there guilt in the fact that I'm leaving my 5 year old home with his dad while I work? I had made a goal to be a stay at home mom until my kids were in school--and my little one won't start Kindergarten until next school year. I'm not looking for some huge full time job--but something to help stretch the paycheck would be awesome! I've done a sales job search in my area, and haven't found anything that fits my schedule. I need mornings--in fact, I need to be home before my husband's restaurant kicks into gear, so he can make it in for the lunch crowd. I will keep looking, and temping if possible--but I'm thinking my heart will be more into it come next August when my baby gets on that school bus!