Friday, October 12, 2007

Maybe A Cabin

We own quite a lot of mountainous land in Utah. It's on the western mountains in the Salt Lake Valley, and all of the ski resorts are in the eastern mountains. The one thing that is in the Western range, Kennecott Copper Mine. Pretty bit, pretty cool tourist spot-but it was just announced in the Salt Lake City newspaper that Kennecott is planning to build ski resorts in the western range. That is right where our property is.

Now, I don't know if they are going to want to purchase our land for millions of dollars (how nice would that be??) or if we are just close enough to be able to use the land. My husband has dreams of his own with the property. They include this:

Currently there are no "services" near our land. We would need to dig wells and roads in order to get to the land, but with house plans like this, who isn't going to want to try!

These plans are from The House Plan Shop, and they have set up a collection of the "Best of the Best" in designs created by the top architects in the country. We would be lucky to own such a beautiful cabin, located in a serene and beautiful area in the summer-and right off the slopes in the winter!

Don't You Just Love?

Antibiotics! It's amazing how you can feel so terrible one day, and just a mere 24 hours later you feel so much better. No I'm not doing cartwheels through the corn fields, but I no longer feel as though death is approaching!

They put me on the Zithro pak-mainly because it's strong and I have four kids, and I'm leaving town at the end of the week! I may not be 100% by dooms day--but I will be at least feeling better enough to get the things done that have to be done. House cleaning can wait, but laundry and packing kinda have a rush on them!