Friday, October 12, 2007

Don't You Just Love?

Antibiotics! It's amazing how you can feel so terrible one day, and just a mere 24 hours later you feel so much better. No I'm not doing cartwheels through the corn fields, but I no longer feel as though death is approaching!

They put me on the Zithro pak-mainly because it's strong and I have four kids, and I'm leaving town at the end of the week! I may not be 100% by dooms day--but I will be at least feeling better enough to get the things done that have to be done. House cleaning can wait, but laundry and packing kinda have a rush on them!


LoanShark said...

Just remember to take the full course, so you kill all the bugs. People don't, and that's how superbugs develop.

MakeupGirl said...

Antibiotics are the best! You feel like everything in the world is wrong, and that it'll take ages for you to heal, and then BAM! You feel better all the sudden!

The only thing that is scary is that so many people stop taking them once they feel better.. (I've seen many of my roommates do this!)..