Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Makeover

Why? Oh Why, do I insist on never having my picture taken!! Today would have been the best chance to do something for myself--and sadly--I don't have a picture of myself to play with! I'm speaking, of course, to the new virtual makeover site I found. I've always wanted to do this. You know, take your picture and change your hairstyle, or hair color. Change your eyeshadow, lipstick. Really just a fun way to make some changes without spending the money on cosmetics that end up looking trashy or spending a fortune and a lot of time at the hairdressers with tragic results!

So instead of getting to play on myself-I chose a model, and played with her instead. It was still fun, and so interesting to see the change that just a little "style" can make. Especially using eye make up correctly. She goes from a beautiful girl, to a more defined beautiful girl. Here's what I mean:
She's such a cute girl anyway--but all dolled up she's very cute! This is why I wanted to do it to my own photo. I mean--it's FREE, you aren't out any money to play with how you look.

I may just have to bite the bullet and take a snapshot, I want to look good!


site funda said...

Thanks for sharing that site. Yes the model girl is a real cute! it's a good way to pass some time.

MakeupGirl said...

I've seen these websites before.. is this one free? It looks like fun!! :)