Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mmmmmmm, Donuts!!

Have you ever made homemade donuts? I know, it's probably a really strange question. But today after picking the kids up from school all I could smell was fresh fried donuts. It really made me want to come home and make some!

Now--I'm not nearly as talented at making donuts as Dunkin' Donuts or anything--but they are so easy to make--and eating them warm with powdered sugar is AMAZING!!

My kids are out of school for a 4 day weekend--and I think I see some baking coming on!
I've been wanting to make Snikerdoodles too! I guess I really shouldn't make all of these sweets--or me and my kids will weigh a ton!!

Home Sick!!

My husband came home early from work today. He hasn't been feeling well the last couple of days, but I have to tell you--if he's home from work at all--it's got to be pretty bad. He would go to work on his deathbed if he had to. He has called out sick ONCE in our entire marriage--and he only did it because I threatened that I would call him in sick if he didn't!

He's the boss--so he takes his position very seriously. If he is at work when he doesn't feel his best--it let's his employee's see that they are expected there unless they are on their way to the Emergency Room!! Over the years--he's had tons of employees that call out for any reason and blame it on being sick. We even ran into a couple at the movies or out to dinner on a day when they called out--to sick to move! Oh, the look in their eyes was priceless!!

He's currently tucked in his bed sleeping! I sent the kids next door to play at the neighbors house until dinner. That way they get to have fun, and dad gets to sleep and rest--cause I guarantee--he'll be up and out the door to work tomorrow!!