Friday, October 5, 2007

Financial Advisor Wanted

I really need to get our finances in order. We've done a really good job at getting and staying out of debt, and we are able to chunk away quite a bit of savings. Which is ever so helpful! But what else should we be doing? Is there a way to invest smartly without quite as much risk to our future? Mind you, we are in the safe zone. We could afford to be a bit more risky because we are far enough from retirement to earn it back. Still--the idea of losing money at any amount is just not acceptable to me. I need to find a newcastle financial adviser to help us figure out where to go from just getting by with a little extra! I've got four kids to put through college--weddings to pay for--and a luxury retirement of my dreams! I need to start now!

A Defining Lawsuit

Did you hear about this woman? Her name is Jammie Thomas and she is a 30 year old single mom. She was ordered to pay six record companies that sued her $9,250 for each of 24 songs they focused on in the case. They had alleged she shared 1,702 songs in all.

She is claiming it wasn't her, and her attorney believes that no one proved that it was actually this woman online sharing these songs. That is a big deal to me--I do have kids, and if it were to come down to something online--would I be charged with things that they do? Of course! I would go to jail if my kids skip school in some states. In others I have to take out an addition $15,000 insurance policy just so my child can get a drivers license. Finally--Parents are being required to "PARENT"! If you don't want the penalty--watch what your kids are doing!

Bed & Breakfast Wishes

We leave for Europe in just over a week! I can't wait! I've never been there before--and I think our itinerary is just perfect! The right amount of time in each locale so that we can soak up as much of the area as possible. I really wanted to find bed and breakfasts in the areas we were going to be, but the kent bed and breakfast I found, was just too far away to be feasible. It was a disappointment! I just really thing a trip to England should be lived to the fullest--and that does NOT include a stint at a fancy hotel!

Friday Night

It's Friday night! I think it is so amazing how fast the weeks go by when school starts. It seems like it's Monday and the next day is Friday. What happens to all of the days in between. Tonight we are having the cousins over for a sleep over. Kind of something for me to do before I dump my four kids off on my sister for a week.

I think we will order in pizza, and set up shop in the family room for the boys. Movies, popcorn--fun! The girls we'll set up some dress up upstairs in Kate's room. I think they will love that--and we will have the tea party instead of the pizza party. Of course, tonights "Tea" will consist of pizza squares and crazy bread chunks--I'm not creating two different menus. I'm just not that good!

I Wanna Slow Down

I don't have much of a schedule of my own! I have chores, I have dinner to cook, and then it's the kids schedule. Baseball practice, dance practice, study needs, homework time-you name--it's now mine--even though it isn't! My husband is the scheduled man--and if there is anyone with a "Mad Gringo" inside threatening to break out--it's him! Mr. Suit and Tie wearing, over-scheduled business manager! Poor guy!

I couldn't even picture him in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops! That is just not him. hawaiian shirts are even more foreign than just a t-shirt. The man is never home--the man is never relaxed!

I would love to get him this "Froggy Notion" shirt. Not only is it awesome looking, but doesn't it look extremely comfortable. Heck, you could wear this shirt with khakis and dress shoes, and he could go to work in it!

The whole Mad Gringo notion is to "Slow Down" and although I know that that is relatively impossible with my husband, I think it would be a great idea to get him to take a break and relax in maybe an article of clothing or two!

Student Council

Daniel is doing really well in school which is remarkably nice. He's actually been chosen to be the class president. Really it's just a position that means he gets to represent his class on the student council. He gets to go to all of the meetings and take notes to bring back to his class. He's only in the second grade--the last school that they went to only allowed student council in grades 4-6. Knowing that--he feels completely grown up and is taking this new responsibility very seriously! It's so cute!