Sunday, January 24, 2010

P90X Dreams

As I was putting the house to bed last night, I wandered into the family room to turn off the TV and the lights. The P90X commercial was on, and I will admit--it's always a huge temptation whenever I see it. 90 days....who can't do anything for 90 days? I can't even stay on the best diet supplement ever for 90 days! But the results always amaze me. Thin, trim and healthy people smiling at me in the "after" photo. So last night I broke down. I have a friend who Facebooked about starting her 90 days. She is a huge sporty gal---biking, skiing, snowshoeing...she does it all. I figured out of anyone--she would be the one that survived the 90 days and will be beaming at me from one of the photos. I was wrong! She made it 1 week! Actually--she made it 5 days! She said that everything was fine, she just couldn't handle the fact that she was always hungry.

Yeah---that would be the one thing to knock me off the wagon too!