Sunday, September 23, 2007


My husband is a work a holic and I have to say--I hate it. I really do--we need him home--ok, I need him home to help out with four kids. But really--when you look at the number of hours he puts in compared to the salary he makes, he literally makes $8 an hour! And he's the top manager!! Now, part of it is his inability to delegate, but also--until they have a system in place where there is pay for performance, other team members will simply skate by and let everyone else do their job for them. They make the same amount of money whether they earn it or not--so who cares if they work their tails off.

Now something like performance based pay would be perfect. Not only would we be raking it in, but then everyone could see just who it was doing all of the work. That might just lead to a juicy little raise!!