Friday, August 10, 2007

But He's A Mormon

I find it so interesting that the only thing people talk about when discussing Mitt Romney is his religion. How it will affect the White House, his Presidency, his stand in the global community. I find this tremendously funny. He is a good man, he is an impressive businessman. He came in in the middle of the failing Salt Lake 2002 Olympics amid scandal and financial problems--and turned it, not only in the HUGELY successful Olympics that it was, but also a profitable one.

What people need to remember when you hear the word Mormon in relation to our politicians. They are just like every other religion--you will have good ones and you will have bad ones--you will have those that are for abortion and those that are against it---those that are for tax increases across the board--and those that are against it. Mormonism is what makes the man--not anything that they bring into the office--want some proof? Well, HE'S Mormon too!!

This is of course, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid--and even though he doesn't act like it in Washington, on TV or in any other time in his life...He is the same religion as Mitt Romney. One just lives it a little better than the other one!!


Michael said...

Interesting take on Romney. Most people don't think the way you don't, it is nice to see a change.