Monday, March 16, 2009

Field Trips

My oldest's class has a field trip today! They are heading up to the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort to see the play-The Wizard of Oz. It sounds like fun. I've been to the resort-but not to the play house. It is quite far from home--and they are going by school bus. I HATE school buses. Not that I think he's in any danger--I just remember hating the smell of the school bus. Too many kids cooped up in a small space--smelly.

He's looking forward to it. He has this field trip, and then Spring Break--and then a second field trip the week they get back from Spring Break. It seems like a lot--but they are the only two weeks available for the trips. So they will finish up all of their field trips for the year--in a three week period. I can't believe the school year is almost over! Once you hit Valentine's Day--Easter is right around the corner-and once you hit Easter---it's OVER!! Easter is only a couple of weeks away! That is amazing to my brain!