Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Final Stretch

The count down has begun! School is out this Friday. I'm still just amazed at how quickly this day has come. I remember the first day of school so clearly. The kids were so cute, we all walked together with the neighbors. So grown up! They have really done well in school this year. Jake has really excelled in all of his subjects. Especially after such a rough start in Math, but he's passed that and is really showing that shy confidence of his.

Daniel is just an all around brilliant little guy. He always has been-and he's a class favorite. His teacher actually got teary last week when I was talking to her about the end of the year activites. She has grown close to all of the kids-but has a special spot for Daniel. That always makes life easier--when your kids do well in school. Not just academics--but socially and behaviorally--I'm really lucky! I just wish they acted this way at home!