Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Week Of Friends

We had a ton of "friend" time this week, with school getting out and church activities. But you know, everyone had a great time. We had 6 kids in the family room playing Rock Band on the Wii--and 4 more upstairs playing on the Play Station.

Are you ever embarrassed by the number of "toys" you have? The little ones playing the PS2 were getting really frustrated with the game they were playing and were starting to pester the older kids on Rock Band. Until I pointed to the obscene shelf full of PS2 games for them to choose from. I tried to explain to my friends (their mothers) that my husband really was like my oldest child. Hundreds of games purchased by him. They all concurred and laughed about it, but I wasn't about to mention that I had gotten him one of those Ps3 for Father's Day. I think that would make me an accomplice to the madness!!