Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Ben & Parliament

I have to apologize! My digital camera doesn't connect to the laptop I have, so for all of the following pictures-- until we get home, I have to use pictures from the internet! I'm hoping once we are home I can swap out my pictures for the 'borrowed' ones!

Our hotel is right on Trafalgar Square. A block from Charing Cross station, and pretty much the same from Piccadilly Circus. We were up early--and then again late--jet lag--staying up all night--we finally had lunch in the hotel restaurant and headed out on foot.

Oh my heavens, the atmosphere is electric! I thought strolling down Michigan Avenue in Chicago was electric, but I was so wrong! We did a little shopping--and will do a little more! I do want a Harrod's handbag. Extravagant yes, but oh so wanted!!

We saw most of the city by night last night, and that was amazing! But today we did see Big Ben and Parliament--what a huge and amazing building that is!! I just wish we had more than just three days here! We are in now for a little nap before supper. We are hitting a local Pub--I'm so excited!! Life among the natives!