Tuesday, October 16, 2007

They're Fine!!

I just called home to get an update on the kids. It's never easy feeling like you can leave your child overnight with someone. I never want to be an imposition--but I have FOUR kids!! And the thought of leaving all four with someone is a scary thought. Especially when you consider I'm leaving them with my sister who has 4 kids of her own. The next 10 days-she has 8 kids! That is just craziness!

I will be making it up to her in the future, I hope. She and her husband don't travel too much, although they are going to Vegas in a couple of weeks. Sadly--I'm going with them, so I can't return the favor then.

The kids are all doing well, and getting along pretty good. Mind you-it's still the honeymoon stage. I'm expecting major trouble in 4 or 5 days!