Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New China Pattern

I have Christmas Dinner at my house this year. We switch every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this year it's mine. I'm realizing that I'm tremendously unprepared this year because when we redid the house last spring, I got rid of all of my old fashioned china that I chose when we got married. Word to the wise--chose something classic--after 10 years of marriage, you are going to want it!

Something like this is what I'm leaning toward. It's elegant, but so perfect with whatever color scheme you choose for your table. Whether it's fall colors for Thanksgiving or the Green, Red and Gold for Christmas. You never have to change your beautiful china. This pattern is Villeroy & Boch's Cellini pattern, and like I said--I'm dreaming of it!

My old pattern was very colorful with greens and peach--colors I never use anywhere, anytime. So I sold it--and have been holding off purchasing a new set until I found one that I love. And this is it. Plus, it comes with everything you need for your holiday meals, there is even a soup tureen and a darling gravy boat. There is even a matching Tea Service, which even though I don't drink tea, I love the look of a Tea Service!

Right now through October 31st, you can purchase any serveware with a discount of 20%. Since these pieces can get pricey, this is a wonderful, unexpected bonus!