Friday, March 13, 2009

Big & Little Girls Night Out

What a fun night! We did in fact go to Benihana's, but what made this girls night out even more fun...we brought our girls!! We both have been blessed with 3 boys and 1 girl. Blake (named after me) turned 4 on December 7, and Kate turned 4 on January 12. We weren't originally going to take them, but Blake had a field trip earlier in the day--and when she got home she got a bath and her hair washed and conditioned--and then Rob felt "adventurous" and blew her hair dry with a little mousse in it. It's getting so long--and with it off of her face her amazing blue eyes just jump out at you. So then she painted her fingernails and toe nails--and just got her all girly. Not for any particular reason--she was just having fun. But when they got here--she asked if it was alright if we made it a real "girls night out" and took the little ladies with us! I thought it was a great idea. Robyn worked with the girls on some poise and table manners--both girls loved having their napkins draped across their laps like grown ups. They loved every minute of it. They chattered away with each other and us--and still gave us "grown up" girls time to chat too!

I hope we do it again really soon!