Friday, September 28, 2007

California Law

I've decided that if I ever want to get in trouble with the law and get away with it, I just have to wait until I'm rich and famous, and then head to California to begin my crime spree! I mean really! Did you hear Phil Spector had a mis-trial? Mind you--just because you look like the creepiest man in the history of the world--it doesn't make you a murderer--but COME ON!!! First OJ--dead to rights guilty! Then Robert Blake--dead to rights guilty! And now Phil Spector--mistrial!

I do have to say--it isn't that the prosecution is failing in any way shape or form. I think ordinary people are so star struck that they can't get past the persona of the man in order to come to the correct verdict. Hence--I have to be famous--actually--according to my own logic--I guess I have to be a man! Darn it! Foiled again!

I found a Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Blog | California Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum that discusses all things "Law" in California. I found it very enlightening--from Paris and Lindsay--to Britney and Kiefer-the dynamics are just amazing. The blog is authored by none other than Dmitry Gorin, is a Professor at UCLA and Pepperdine Law School. You may recognize him, as he provides frequent commentary on Court TV--pretty cool!


Mr. Hidden Camera said...

Very interesting post. Well done and good luck with your work.