Tuesday, October 2, 2007

European Vacation

I love that movie! My husband and I are in fact planning a little trip to Europe. Well, honestly--as with any trip to Europe--it isn't little by any stretch of the imagination or budget. We are going to be staying in London, Paris and Madrid-but I'm hoping to see so much more than just those three places. I've always wanted to go, but have waited 30 years to finally make it. It's just 3 short weeks away--and I can't wait.

Rob is going to take the kids, which is a huge life saver. She has four of her own, and I can't imagine taking on four more for 10 days--but she insists that she wants to and that it will be fun. mmmm hmmmmm, I'm sure!! Anyway, I will take a ton of pictures--and share them when I get home!