Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Rookie Challenge

I have been interested in the stock market and other financial areas forever--honestly--what budget abiding person isn't at least slightly intrigued by the possible fortunes to be found. But I don't even understand where to begin. So imagine my excitement to learn that there is a "rookie challenge" going on right now, where I can 'virtually' begin creating my own portfolio. There are gains and losses and even transaction fees--you know, gotta keep it as real as possible! What's nice is even though the contest is open to anyone--if you do have some real experience in the financial markets--you have to disclose if your holdings in the game correspond to your real holdings. Plus, you are also required to hold your shares for at least 1 hour - this is another way of balancing the playing field for all of us. The Rookie with the highest gain over the week will be the winner.

What a great way to get your feet wet without having to risk the farm! Registration is free--you even get a free hat--but even better than that, is the $1000 weekly prize! So let's recap--free sign up, free participation, a virtual $100K to play with, valuable-real time financial lessons--and a possible $1000 at the end of each week! Is there anyone out there dumb enough not to head straight over to the rookie challenge to participate? Yeah, I didn't think so! See you there!