Thursday, September 20, 2007

Staples, We Have Staples

Today Brett fell down the last three stairs of our basement staircase. This little trip landed him a "trip" to the Emergency Room. He is fine--he has staples in his scalp. I could hardly look at the blood soaked towel (why is it that head wounds bleed so badly??) let alone watch the doctors as they bring out the MOTHER of all staplers and attempt to apply it to my baby's head. Waves of nauseousness rolled over me and I had to sit down with my back to everything going on--still holding Brett's hand but huffing and puffing with my head between my legs--it wasn't a pretty site! When I was younger I got stitches. I don't remember much about it-but it seems far easier than staples. I could be wrong!


Lynne said...

OMG! They would've had to pick me up off of the floor! I feel bad for both of you! How did he do during this ordeal?