Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's That I See??

I walked out the door of my house today--and what is that I see ebbing out of the melting snow?? Can you say TULIPS!! Ohhhh, it's too early for this--I don't want them to freeze, but at the same time-it's always so fun to finally see them popping up again. Who cares about the Groundhog--when my tulips start to bloom--I know Spring is coming!!

Tonight my sisters husband is taking their daughter (named after me) on a daddy daughter date! I think that is such a cute idea--and so sweet of dad to think of it! My big sister has all of the great ideas, I'm always copying them!! I'm going to have to go over tomorrow morning and see how Blakey liked her date with her dad!! You can check out all of the fun over at her blog: Genki Desu Yo