Friday, February 27, 2009

How Fun Is This!!

As I've been stating for months--I've hated my Blogger template. It was fine-but it was just too boring. So I chose an all new template--and totally shook it up. I bet you can't even tell what template it was to begin with--that's just how good I've gotten! Just kidding!

I chose a template with the sidebar on the right--but I really wanted my sidebar on the left--and I hated the colors they give you to choose from--so I found an awesome site that gives html color codes, and then hit the html section of my template!

I was brave enough to mess around with it until I figured out how to move the sidebar, change the background, and add items that I wanted! I LOVE it! It no longer feels like the "Ugly Neglected Step Sister" to my sisters "Burberry" themed blog!!

Ain't technology Grand!!