Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, it has been too long my friends! I have been out of town for this conference or that, but I am back! Life is good when you are away, but it is always nice to come home. Have you ever been to the Caribbean? It is beautiful, and so warm this time of year, compared to Chicago. What made this particular conference so nice was that it was for my husband's work. So other than the "supporting" duties that I had, I was completely on my own. Since my husband is an executive with the corporation, we were put up in a little bungalow on the hotel grounds. Everything was beautiful--smelled HEAVENLY! The one problem, Charlie! Charlie is a huge spider (from the West Indies) and honestly, we saw him perched in the bathroom window as soon as we got there.

Creepy as he was, I didn't mind using the facilities if Charlie was visible in his web. Ok, to be totally honest, I would have loved to find a brown recluse spider trap only bigger to get him the heck out of there...but if you thought I was going to use my shoe on him, you would be sadly mistaken! The fun part came about 2:30 a.m. about three nights into our stay. We always slept with the bathroom door closed and a towel at the bottom to keep Charlie from roaming. So my husband gets up in the middle of the night to take care of some personal business and the first thing he notices is that Charlie isn't in his "normal" spot. But not being able to wait around to look for him, he just sat down and took car of himself. When he was finished he pulled the sheet down on the toilet paper roll---and yep...Charlie came around with the roll. Even though we were in our own bungalow...I'm sure EVERY guest of the hotel heard him scream his head off!

I'm not sure we got much sleep that night wondering what creatures were wandering around our room, but it is definitely a great story to share with anyone who cares to listen!!