Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My New Grasshopper Suitcase

Before we left for the Carribean my husband surprised me with a "going away" gift. It was so sweet. Imagine my surprise to find it was luggage. I'm may not know us, but we have a TON of luggage! I think it was the number one gift idea handed out the year we got married...because we got it from just about everyone!

I looked at him kind of confused when I opened my lime green Zero Halliburton Zeroller, and he laughed. He reminded me how every trip we sit at the luggage carousel looking at the tags on each and every black roller suitcase that goes by us. We honestly joke about it because by the time they've made their way around the circle and get back to us, we don't recognize one from the other--and we end up looking at the tags of every suitcase like 5 times! So he got me this green one--so that we can literally see it coming from miles away!

How thoughtful is that?