Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Poor Body

Do you want to know the one thing I wish I had done before we left for this amazing trip? Get myself in shape to hang out in a swimming suit! I mean, we knew this trip was coming for nearly a year--where were my diet pills? Where was my daily work out routine?

All of my friends from the hotel were dying to just layout in the sun, and although that isn't something I enjoy doing too much of, it would have been fun to be a little social! But no--my body in a bathing suit would truly have scared the natives (and everyone else for that matter)! Besides being a little "big"...I'm white as a ghost! This skin has not seen the sun in over a decade! I would blind pilots flying over head if I bared my legs in direct sunlight!!

Next year we aren't going to the Carribean...but you can bet I'm going to work to get this body in swimsuit shape no matter where we end up!