Friday, January 11, 2008

Camping In The Basement

My kids are so funny. They all asked for different things for Christmas this year, but it was all based around a single theme, camping gear! I didn't have a problem buying it, I thought it was a nice healthy hobby that they could enjoy for the rest of their lives. Plus, with my oldest going into Boy Scouts soon he'll need this gear for all of their outdoor activities and well, why not get it now for Christmas rather than breaking the bank the night before the 2 mile hike? What is funny is that ever since Christmas they have been begging me to set up their tent in the back yard so they could camp. They didn't mind that there was a foot of snow in the backyard, they were just excited. Well, since I'm not all that big on frozen popsicle children, we finally decided to just set it up in the basement. Hard, cement floor and all. They started the night down there last night (we left the lights on because the basement can be kind of spooky) and even with the lights on, they didn't make it much past midnight. The each waddled on up to their bedrooms to their own beds.