Monday, July 7, 2008

Who Knew!!

Are you as clueless as me? My husband's birthday is coming up on the 25th of the month and to surprise him I found an amazing deal on a flat screen TV. These are something that he's always shown interest in, so I know he'll love it! I called my brother in law to have him help me get it home and set up. Everything was going really well until he asked me for a mount. Eh hem!! What?? Apparently you need to have one of those cool mounts from Peerless to attach the thing to the wall! Well, I didn't have one and I didn't want my husband to see his gift if it wasn't in it's place showing off it's perfectness! So I sent the thing home with my brother in law who will pick up whatever I need and come back tomorrow when my husband is at work to finish the installation! Yep...I'm a ditz!