Monday, February 18, 2008

Past & Present!!

A few months ago we were over at my husbands grandparents home helping his parents clean it out. The fun thing about cleaning out these types of homes is the history you find deep inside. There was depression glass, antique toys and these little old fashioned espresso contraptions. They were so amazing in a couple of ways. One-they didn't look like they would actually work--even when they were new, and two, they were in perfect condition. These were older than my mother in law, and there wasn't a scratch on them. We've visited my mother in laws house since then and have seen these little things sitting on the top ledge of her stove. She love espresso, but hasn't figured out how to work them. Kind of funny. She has these two cool little things, but for her birthday in a couple of weeks we are looking at modern espresso machines for her. One that comes with directions anyway.