Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boys And Balls

Why is it that kids must do the things you expressly tell them not to do? As with every other parent, in every other house, my kids can not walk and carry a ball at the same time. They must constantly toss it in the air or throw it to each other. Last week their harmless little game of catch caused quite a bit of destruction. They knocked a vase off of the mantle (it shattered), tipped over one of our air purifiers and left a big black spot on the wall above the couch! I've told them over and over if I see a ball in the air I will pop it in front of them, and I guess it's just time to live up to the threat!


Tess said...

Balls are made for boys indeed and should I say vice versa? You may be musing over such antics but thinking about it again makes you smile. Boys are boys.