Sunday, October 19, 2008


A few days ago I wanted to take a picture of some of the upgrades we've done to our house. As I went to snap the photo the screen had a message that the internal memory was full. That could only mean that I was missing a compact flash card. I sooooooooooo didn't want to go all the way in the house for a card, and they aren't kept anywhere that my kids can find them easily. So I did the easiest thing I could think of, I cleared the memory and took my photo's.

It wasn't until much later that I realized I wasn't smart enough to get the dumb photo's out of the internal memory. We don't have the cords needed to hook the camera up to the computer, and I was feeling rather foolish for my laziness.

I had to call my husband and go through the owner's manual TWICE before finding one little sentence on page 18 that tells you that all you have to do is insert a flash card---and hit back up on the menu! Yes, it only takes about 10 seconds...and it took me about 2 hours to figure it out!