Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentine's Day--Late!!

My husband was out of town this week, so we didn't have a chance to have a "Valentine's Day" with the rest of the world. It's not really a big deal--we have Christmas on a different day too--you just get used to enjoying the holiday itself-not just the day.

This afternoon we dropped the kids off at his parents, and headed to dinner. We went to Giordano's Pizza. YUMMM!! It is my favorite spot in the world. Such good pizza--and just down the street from the theater. Yep, he took me to see Wicked. It's kind of a funny choice for me because I've never even seen the Wizard of Oz. My poor husband--I'm very technical--I do it with commercials and I do it with movies and TV shows. If there is something 'wrong'--I have to let it be known! So we are sitting in the theater and I turned to him and said--I thought at the end of the Wizard of Oz-Dorothy woke up and it was all a bad dream. Why is there a story about the Witches of Oz if they never even existed? He closed his eyes and shook his head! I'm sorry--but that totally screws with the show for me--it doesn't exist--so why are we here???

It was a nice evening out with my husband--and for that alone--I'm grateful! The yummy food and fun evening at the theater was just an added bonus!! We have never done Valentine gifts. We've never really felt the need. We "show" the love in many other ways--many other times of the year, which I prefer anyway.

I was reading an article by BELISI on Valentine's Gift ideas--you know, the over $5 million for this gift kind of list. I was amazed by it. One--I can't imagine ever having that kind of money--and Two-even if I did-I can't imagine spending it on gifts. Mr. Belisi asks the question--what was your most "fab" gift--or your biggest flop gift? Now that isn't too hard--we got engaged on Valentine's Day--so I would have to say--a beautiful 1 ct. Diamond Engagement Ring would have to take the cake on that one!!