Monday, February 19, 2007

The Big Sleep Over!!

My kids had a wonderful time spending the night at their grandparents house. They always do! Uncle Bob gets up to cook them a big pancake breakfast, and then tickles them all awake when it's ready! They love their uncle Bob which makes me VERY happy! We don't get to see much of my family--so I'm glad that they have strong relationships with the family that is here. It also helps that Uncle Bob is still a kid too!

They played games and watched videos until we came to pick them up! I'm not sure they really wanted to come home--but didn't want mommy to leave them again, so they mumbled-but they came!

We don't have school on Monday for Presidents Day--I was going to look at taking them out to the movies or something--but I'm feeling too tired for that! We'll have to see what they deserve!!