Monday, February 19, 2007

A Gift For The Chef!!

We spend alot of time over at my sisters house. Our kids are the same age--she and I are pretty darn close--and she married a Chef! Who wouldn't go over there! It is kind of intimidating ever having to cook anything to bring to her house. You just know that even if he doesn't say anything--he's judging everything he puts in his mouth!

He's also pretty hard to shop for. You know--one of those--guys with everything. I love to find interesting, one of a kind gifts for him--but that is pretty rough!! But HELLO!! I found a great one! It's from Brookstone-yep, the interesting, one of a kind gift heaven!! My find this time? A wireless meat thermometer. It comes with a Wireless belt monitor that announces out loud when dinner is done. How fun is that! Plus it has a range of 300 feet!

He's really good with his internal timer at knowing when food is ready--but what a fun and clever gift idea!! I can't wait!