Monday, March 23, 2009

Growing Up!

I never really planned on being a mom that worked from home. I was college educated, I wanted a career and although I had no intention of continuing to work out of the home once we had kids, I never planned to work and be a mom at the same time. My how times have changed!!

My sister got me started, and I blame her--but there have been so many good things that have come from it. Mostly being able to supplement a one income family. This has helped pay for things my husbands income couldn't have handled without breaking the bank!

What is also strange is the fact that my kids are far closer to college than I ever thought they would be. I know, they grow up fast. I've heard it all their lives, but I just wasn't expecting it quite this fast. MJ loves to tell me every day that in just 3 short years he'll be starting high school! HIGH SCHOOL!! What's next? Looking up vocational and technical colleges by state? I'm so not ready for that one! He actually does have his mind made up for right now...he wants to be a Monster Truck driver. So a Technical college it will most likely be! Of course, this is the same boy who, when I asked him to practice his penmanship a few years back, said, "Mom, I only have to be able to sign a contract and autographs!" Yeah...he was going into the NBA at that point. The sport may has changed, but he's got his heart on the "big show"!