Monday, March 23, 2009

First Camping Trip

Last Friday night my husband took our son on his first Boy Scout camp out. Let me start by saying this...I'm just not old enough for this yet! It seems like yesterday I was watching my mom toss pocket knives and flashlights into the grocery cart for my brothers, and Friday afternoon it was me. So strange!

I was a little nervous about how these two "men" will fare! It was supposed to be really quite chilly--down right cold most of the night. Then you have the entire 'cold hard ground' to factor in. My poor husband is quite accustomed to sleeping on a sleep number bed--not cold, lumpy dirt!

But you know what??? They both did great! Aside from having to get up at 7 am in the frigid morning, they had a wonderful time. So great in fact that my husband now has it in his head that he wants to buy a tent and take both boys out this summer and camp. As long as the plan is to leave me home in my comfy sleep number bed...I'm all for them camping!!